09.04.1652, LISIEUX - ?

Французский астроном (ум.1706, Париж), член Королевской АН (1682). Вычислял эфемериды и был официальным издателем эфемерид Академии под псевдонимом J. de Beaulieu. В 1701 исключен из Академии за регулярные пропуски заседаний, как того требовали правила. DSB.

LeFevre [LeFebvre], Jean
1. Dates
Born: Lisieux, 9 April 1652
Died: Paris, 1706
Dateinfo: Dates certain

2. Father
Occupation: No Information
No information on financial status.

3. Nationality
Birth: Lisieux, France
Career: Paris, France
Death: Paris, France

4. Education
Schooling: No University
That is, unknown.

5. Religion
Affiliation: Catholic (assumed)

6. Scientific Disciplines
Primary: Astronomy

7. Means of Support
Primary: Government
Secondary: Art, Calendars Before 1682, LeFevre was a weaver in Lisieu. c. 1682, doing calculations for Picard. After Picard's death, he continued pedestrian aspects of Picard's work, calculating astronomical tables, publishing the Connaissances des Temps, making a few observations and assisting R. de la Hire in surveying.

In 1682, all of this got him elected to the Acadщmie.

8. Patronage Types: Scientist, Court LeFevre first appeared in the Parisian scientific community as a friend of a certain Father Pierre, a professor of rhetoric at the College de Lisieux in Paris, who recommened him to Picard, especially in respect to the editing of the Connaissances... Picard hired him, and probably through his influence, probably along with La Hire, got him into the Acadщmie. LeFevre dedicated the successive editions of the Connaissances to Louis
XIV. In 1687, LeFevre accused La Hire of stealing and publishing his tables. In 1701, probably resentful at not having been named official publisher of ephemerides to the Acadщmie, he similarly accused La Hire's son, Gabriel-Philippe. Pontchartrain, La Hire's protector, was probably behind the government's transfer of the right to publish the Connaissances... to the Acadщmie and the eventually successful campaign to have LeFevre thrown out of the Acadщmie.

9. Technological Involvement
Type: Cartography He did some surveying work for La Hire. (Note: LeFevre is occasionally mistaken for an instrument maker of the same
name who lived at the same time).

10. Scientific Societies
Membership: Acadщmie Royal des Sciences
A member of the Acadщmie (c.1682-1701).

Sources 1.Michaud, Biographie Universelle, 23 (Paris, 1819), 546. [CT153.B6] 2.M.J. Delacourtie, "L'astronome Jean Le Fevre," Bulletin de la Sociщtщ historique
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Not Available and Not Consulted 1.Amedщe Tissot, Etude biographique sur Jean Le Fevre... (Paris, 1872). I find this listed in the catalogue of the Bibliotheque nationale, but no co
py appears to exist in the U.S.
Compiled by: Richard S. Westfall Department of History and Philosophy of Science Indiana University
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