? - 01.12.1810, DORPAT

Немецкий ученый (р.1759), профессор математики в Dorpat и директор обсерватории. Отец К.Х.Кнорре.

Knorre, Ernst Christoph Friedrich Ernst Christoph Friedrich Knorre was born 1759 in Neuhaldensleben near Magdeburg (Germany), died in Dorpat 1st December 1810.E.C.F. Knorre studied Theology in Halle and worked as a private teacher in the house of the bookseller Gebauer. 1789 he went to Dorpat as the Director of a girls' school. After the founding of a University in Dorpat he was Professor for Mathematics there and Observer at the new Observatory. He kept this dual function until his death in 1810. His astronomical observations were limited since the Observatory was not completed when he died. Some of his observations have been published by Bode. Other publications by Knorre included "Leitfaden bey meinen mathematischen Vorlesungen" (Dorpat 1803) and "Leitfaden fuer den Religionsunterricht in der Toechterschule zu Dorpat".

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