30.09.1550, ГЕППИНГЕН - 20.12.1631, ТЮБИНГЕН

Немецкий астроном (Moestlin или Maestlin). Профессор математики Тюбингенского ун-та (с 1583); был учителем и другом Кеплера. Один из первых сторонников учения Коперника. Изучил причину пепельного света Луны, изучал комету 1577 года. Его имя занесено на карту Луны. АБС, POGG-2.

Maestlin, Michael

1. Dates
Born: Goepingen, Germany, 30 Sept 1550
Died: T№bingen, 20 Oct 1631
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
Lifespan: 81

2. Father
Occupation: A Merchant
No information on financial status.

3. Nationality
Birth: Goepingen, Germany
Career: Germany
Death: Tuebingen, Germany

4. Education Schooling: T№bingen, M.A. Attended monastery schools at Koenigsbronn and Herrenalb. 1568, matriculated at Tuebingen. Heard mathematics and astronomy lectures
from Peter Apian.
1569, B.A., Tuebingen.
1571, M.A., Tuebingen, then entered theological course.

5. Religion
Affiliation: Lutheran : Lutheran

6. Scientific Disciplines
Primary: Astronomy

7. Means of Support
Primary: Acd; Secondary: Church Life Served as an assistant to Peter Apian, prof. of Math. at Tuebingen. 1575, replaced Apian while he went away on leave. 1575-1580, appointed to the Lutheran pastorate in Backnang, near Stuttgart. 1580, appointed professor of mathematics, Univ. of Heidelberg. 1584-1631, professor of mathematics, Univ. of Tuebingen, replacing Apian who had been dismissed for refusing to sign Lutheran oath of religious allegiance. Between 1588 and 1629, elected dean of Tuebingen arts faculty eight times.

8. Patronage Type: Court While a student he had been supported by a stipend from the Duke of Wuerttemberg, in order that he might be prepared for service in the Lutheran church. Influence has to have been behind the professorial appointment, probably
influence at court.

9. Technological Involvement Type: None He made most of his own astronomical instruments, but was not involved in any kind of instrument trade. I won't list this because it does not involve
the development of a new instrument.

10. Scientific Societies
Memberships: None
Connections: taught and corresponded with Kepler.
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Compiled by: Richard S. Westfall Department of History and Philosophy of Science Indiana University
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