08.04.1903, ВЕНГРИЯ - 15.01.1958, ?

Венгерский и американский математик. Поместил небесную механику на более надежный математический фундамент. В русском переводе вышли "Аналитические основы небесной механики" ("Наука", 1967).

Aurel Freidrich Wintner
Born: 8 April 1903 in Hungary Died: 15 Jan 1958 Aurel Wintner published the first proofs of the basic facts about Hilbert spaces in 1929. In 1930 he married HЎlder's daughter and, in the same year, took up a post in the USA where he remained until his death. In 1944 he became editor of the American Journal of Mathematics. He published on analysis, number theory, differential equations and probability (with several joint papers with Norbert Wiener). Wintner (along with Poincarщ and George Birkhoff) placed celestial mechanics on a more sound mathematical basis. These innovators were more concerned with the underlying theory, less concerned with quantitatively accurate prediction of celestial body motion.

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