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Один из первых ученых - радиоастронов (р.1918). Занимался радиолокацией Луны. Обнаружил фоновое излучение водорода на волне 21 см.

Kerr, Frank (1918-) Building on Lovell's work, Kerr briefly studied echoes from meteors. Then, following earlier work by De Witt in the U.S. and Bay in Hungary, he and Shain, obtained the first scientifically useful radar echoes from the moon (Sullivan 1984, pp. 136-137). Kerr and Shain had worked during the war with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) radiophysics laboratory. When the geometry was correct and the transmitter available, the two used the transmitter of ``Radio Australia'' at a wavelength of 15 m. They achieve success in November 1947. Kerr showed that the short period variations were caused by the libration of the moon. Kerr also detected 21 centimeter HI emission using a 36 foot transit
antenna at Potts Hill.
Sullivan, W. III (Ed.). The Early Years of Radio Astronomy: Reflections Fifty Years after Jansky's Discovery. London: Cambridge University Press, 1984.

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