24.09.1898, ? - 03.03.1990, ?

Американская женщина-астроном. Медаль Брюс 1990. Была ассистенткой у Г. Рассела, является соавтором работ о двойных звездах, о массах звезд. В 1920-х работала на Маунт-Вилсоновской обсерватории с Х. и Х.Бэбкок, занимаясь солнечным спектром. Позднее (с 1945) работала в Бюро Стандартов.

Charlotte Emma Moore Sitterley (24 September 1898 - 3 March 1990) 1990 Bruce Medalist Upon completing her B.A. in mathematics at Swarthmore College in 1920 Charlotte Moore took a job as assistant to Henry Norris Russell at Princeton. There she audited courses and became coauthor of papers on binary stars and an influential book on the masses of stars. In the late 1920s she worked at the Mt. Wilson Observatory with Charles E. St. John and Harold Babcock on the solar spectrum. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley using Mt. Wilson plates to analyze atomic lines in the sunspot spectrum. After 1945 and continuing until she was ninety, she worked at the National Bureau of Standards and the Naval Research Laboratory. She compiled, organized, and analyzed laboratory data and published definitive books on the solar spectrum and spectral line multiplets. In her later years she extended the tables into the ultraviolet with data from rocket-borne ins

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