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Американский ученый, специалист по астродинамике (1911-1974), профессор астрономии. В СССР был издан его фундаментальный труд "Астродинамика" в трех частях.
Herrick, Samuel (1911-74). Papers, ca. 1931-72. 60.0 cu. ft.
Professor of astronomy and engineering at UCLA from 1937 to 1974, and recognized as the founder of the field of astrodynamics, which applied the disciplines of celestial mechanics and mathematics to the problems of space trajectory research.
His interest in space dates from the 1930s, when he corresponded with and received guidance from R. H. Goddard. In 1945 Herrick founded the Institute of Navigation; in 1946 he instituted a course in Rocket Navigation at UCLA, the world's first university-level course on astronautics. Papers include correspondence, notes, drafts of publications, and files relating to courses and students. His consulting files for NASA's Project Mercury, the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and private industry are included.
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