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Американский любитель астрономии (р.1949, Денвер, Колорадо), получивший всемирную известность благодаря открытой им вместе с А.Хейлом яркой комете. В период максимальной яркости в апреле 1997 комета достигла нулевой звездной величины. Т.Бопп женат, имеет дочь.

Thomas Bopp Autobiography I was born in Denver Colorado, in 1949 and the following year my family moved to Youngstown, Ohio. My interest in astronomy was kindled when I was three years old. My father held me on his lap on the porch steps and we watched a large meteor shower together. As I grew older, dad taught me about the constellations, the Aurora Borealis, and the Planets. Over the years I would spend many summer evenings in the yard watching for "shooting stars", and dreaming of space travel. After graduating from Chaney High School in 1967, I entered the Air Force. After technical training I was stationed in the Philippines for eighteen months during which time I was able to witness the "green flash" phenomena on several occasions. My last year in the service was spent at Davis Monthan AFB, in Tucson Arizona, where I met and married my wife Charlotte ,and the following year we were blessed with the
birth of our daughter April. After my service tour we moved back to Ohio and I enrolled at Youngstown State University to major in Business Administration. Among other Elective Courses, My favorite was astronomy, where I made acquaintance with Dr. Edwin Bishop and Dr. Warren Young who introduced me to the Mahoning Valley Astronomical Society, a club in the Warren ,Ohio area. My particular area of interest in astronomy, is in deep sky objects and I put the club's 16" Newtonian reflector to good use along
with now Astronaut Ronald Parise and other friends. In 1980 I moved to the Pnoenix area. I attended meetings and "star parties" with several clubs in the Phoenix area but didn't settle with any one group until I met my friend Jim Stevens and began observing with the "unofficial" North Phoenix Alternative Astronomical Society, of which he was a member, where on one of our observing sessions on
July 22nd, 1995, Comet Hale-Bopp was discovered.

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