22.10.1905, ? - ?

Американский астроном. Не получил специального образования, был принят на обсерваторию Маунт Вилсон в качестве эксперта по фотоэлектрической фотометрии. Проводил измерения яркости галактик и их спектра. В 1958 стал директором Ликской обсерватории. Медаль Брюс 1996.

Albert Edward Whitford
22 October 1905
1996 Bruce Medalist As a graduate student in physics at the University of Wisconsin, Albert Whitford got a job helping astronomy professor Joel Stebbins. As Whitford described it, "One thing led to another: I made a successful device for measuring very small currents from photoelectric cells, with which he was measuring the light from stars and galaxies, and it brought me to Mt. Wilson Observatory helping him, and finally I became an astronomer without ever starting out to study it at all." He became an expert in photoelectric photometry, which he used to measure the brightnesses of galaxies and their spectra. He eventually succeeded Stebbins as professor and director of the Washburn Observatory at Wisconsin, and in 1958 he was appointed director of the Lick Observatory. There he got the Shane 3-m telescope into operation, moved the observatory headquarters to the campus of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and began a study of stars near the galactic center. He
continued observing long after his official retirement. Please send comments, additions, corrections, and questions to
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