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2006 March 29 eclipse 1 2006 March 29 eclipse 2 2006 March 29 eclipse 3

These three photographs of the total solar eclipse of March 29, 2006 were taken in the town of Rubtsovsk (Altaj area) by Igor' Rogovoy of Novosibirsk, Russia.

Sun's corona by Igor' Rogovoy

The Sun's corona during the total solar eclipse of April 12, 2002 in Australia (photo by Igor' Rogovoy).

A time sequence of 7 images captures the formation of Baily's beads and their subsequent merging into the growing solar crescent immediately following the third contact. The total solar eclipse of March 29, 2006. The photos were made by Leonid Durman, Russia with a Canon 350D camera and a TAL 125mm f/10 refractor.

The Shadow of the Moon approaching Feodosia Solar corona (near Karadag)

The painting "The Shadow of the Moon approaching Feodosia" by a well-known Russian painter Apollinary Vasnetsov. It was made immediately after the eclipse of August 21, 1914, which he observed with the field-glass in Crimea. The painting "Solar corona (near Karadag)" was made by Apollinary Vasnetsov after the eclipse of 1914 also (this landscape is now exhibited in Novosibirsk Picture Gallery).


From the collection of Sergei Maslikov

Romania. 1961 Romania. 1961

Romania. The total solar eclipse of February 15, 1961.

MAURITANIA scott 133 - 1973 MAURITANIA scott 134 - 1973 MAURITANIA scott 135 - 1973

Mauritania. The total solar eclipse of December 24, 1973. Scott #133-135.


Portugalia. The ring solar eclipse of 2005.10.03.

Romania. The total solar eclipse of 1999.

Cook Islands.

Siberian eclipses
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