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Astronomical Telescopes and Equipment for Observation of Total Solar Eclipse

    The history of TAL-factory (“The Novosibirsk instrument-making plant”) goes back more than a century (it was founded in 1905). For the last 30 years it has been manufacturing TAL telescopes for amateur astronomers. These telescopes are especially well known in England and east-European countries. The Plant now produces more than 15 models of telescopes. Here we offer only those telescopes which are especially convenient for observation of the Sun.
    First of all, they are 75, 100 and 125mm refractors. Usual achromatic and high-end apochromatic refractors for advanced amateur astronomers are available. Both those and others build excellent optical image, suitable both for visual and for photographic observation. APO models have more sophisticated optical system which eliminates residual aberrations more fully.
    For telescopes-reflectors lovers we offer 65, 110, and 150mm telescopes with solar screens. We also have catadioptrical telescopes of large diameters: 200mm and 250mm. They will help those who are going to observe subtle structure of granules on the surface of the Sun.
    And, most importantly, together with telescopes we offer full aperture solar filters, made of dark glass or Astrosolar film. These filters will make solar observation absolutely safe. Please, do not use eyepiece filters for observation! It is dangerous! They can explode from the concentrated solar energy.
    If you are going to take pictures of the eclipse, do not forget to make sure you have an adapter for your camera. We offer some of them together with telescopes. We also recommend ordering a chair, an umbrella, and a tripod for mounting your photo or video camera.
    All the equipment you order will be unpacked in advance and assembled at the observation location. You will have a whole day before the eclipse to study the equipment and practice. After the eclipse you will not have any additional cares, you will only need to hand over the telescope to the Plant representative.
    For astronomy lovers who would like more observations that just of the day of the eclipse, we shall organize night observation at convenient country locations. Please, place group reservations.
    You will enjoy this chance of traveling without bulky equipment!
TAL-75R refractor
TAL-100R refractor
TAL-125R refractor
TAL-1 Reflector
TAL-200K Klevtsov's
TAL-250K Klevtsov's
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