RUSSIAN Total solar eclipse 2008 in Russia

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TAL-200K Klevtsov's

    A new 200mm catadioptric telescope developed on the basis of Klevtsov’s original design is a perfect device for advanced amateur astronomers! It allows observing celestial objects with high resolution and pellucid capacity up to 13.5 star magnitude and making wonderful photos!
    The Telescope is equipped with a 50mm finderscope of 8x and 7° field of view, two Plossl eyepieces (25mm and 10mm focal length), 2x Barlow lens, Sun filter and 35mm SLR camera adapter with conjunctive screws M42x0.75 and M42x1. For easy observation of celestial objects near by zenith the optical axis of the tube is turned by 90° with the help of a diagonal mirror situated in front of the eyepiece. Telescope has a multi-coated optics. A short tube and the lightweight of the telescope make it easy and convenient in operation.
    TAL-200K is completed with an equatorial mounting MT-3S, which can be put on a metal pier or a tripod. A clock drive provides a continuous observation of any object. The supply unit can be connected to the electric circuit 220 or 110V. You can purchase additionally a 10-meter flex to connect your telescope to a car power supply 12V.
    Klevtsov’s optical design is covered by a patent of the Russian Federation and described in literature. It can be compared with Maksutov-Cassegrain or Schmidt-Cassegrain systems, but has some very important peculiarities. That is a combination of corrector lens of small diameter and Mangin lens as a basis for a second mirror to prevent permanent aberrations of the primary spherical mirror.
    The system is well adjusted, but in case of necessity you can use the adjustment screws of the primary mirror. Telescope TAL-200K is easily and quickly prepared for work – its open tube gets the temperature of environment very soon.
TAL-75R refractor
TAL-100R refractor
TAL-125R refractor
TAL-1 Reflector
TAL-200K Klevtsov's
TAL-250K Klevtsov's
Siberian eclipses
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