RUSSIAN Total solar eclipse 2008 in Russia

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Digital Imaging Instruments

Digital instruments come mainly into three flavours: CCD, webcams, and usual and advanced digital cameras
  • as far as astrophotography CCD cameras are concerned, they are electronic devices which convert light photons into electric signals. A chip of silicon (its size is tiny compared to a 35mm film) captures photons and translates them into electric signals. These signals are stored into a memory chip. This stored content is then transmitted to a computer where pictures may be edited and computer-processed. A CCD sensitivity is measured in "pixels". Pixels are chips' light sensitive points. They are the equivalent of the "grains" of a chemical film. The more grains (or the finer the "grain"), the more pixels, the more accurate the picture
  • dedicated astrophotography cameras are expensive however. That's why the amateur community quickly turned to do-it-yourself solutions. Through some modifications, webcams, as they feature a CCD chip too, were found useful for astrophotography imaging. Industry, now, is providing fine astrophotography dedicated webcams equipped with a 1.25" adapters, as the latest trend is the apparition of easy-to-use CCD imagers ranging from simple to advanced, with an affordable price
  • the industry is providing too digital cameras, ranging from mostly automatized small cameras to SLR-equivalent ones. Such cameras, even the low-end ones, may be used for astrophotography
TAL-75R refractor
TAL-100R refractor
TAL-125R refractor
TAL-1 Reflector
TAL-200K Klevtsov's
TAL-250K Klevtsov's
Siberian eclipses
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