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    Despite the common opinion that traveling to Siberia is unbelievably difficult because of the distance involved, the real situation is not at all as terrible as it may seem. First of all, there is a flight connecting Novosibirsk with Europe (Frankfurt), approximate flying time of what is 6 hours. Then, there are good domestic connections from Moscow (about 4 hours).
    All the flights mentioned below are direct and non-stop. All the times shown are local. More information you can obtain contacting us or the airline representative in your country.

Period of application: spring-autumn 2007
Departure time Arrival time Schedule Airline & Flight Number
Frankfurt - Novosibirsk
19:40 07:15* Sun Siberia Airlines S7 852
Novosibirsk - Frankfurt
16:00 18:10 Sun Siberia Airlines S7 851
Moscow - Novosibirsk
14:30 21:20 daily Siberia Airlines S7 175
21:30 04:20* daily Siberia Airlines S7 173
22:35 05:30* except Sun Aeroflot SU 807
22:45 05:40* daily Transaero UN 107
Novosibirsk - Moscow
07:40 08:40 daily Siberia Airlines S7 174
07:20 08:15 daily Transaero UN 108
07:00 08:15 except Sun Aeroflot SU 808
18:40 20:00 daily Aeroflot SU 806
19:40 21:05 daily Siberia Airlines S7 176
* - next day arrival

    The "Siberia Airlines" and the "Transaero" operate their flights from the Domodedovo Airport of Moscow, while all the flights operated by the "Aeroflot" depart the Sheremetyevo 1 (domestic terminal).

Also, there are direct flights from the following cities:
    Dubai, Beijing, as well as from other CIS cities, such as Baku, Vladivostok, Erevan, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Samara, St. Petersburg, Tashkent, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk.

    Novosibirsk has an excellent railroad connection, too, having been situated right in the Trans-Siberian railway.
    Trans-Siberian railway is the world's longest and the most famous train route that goes through Russia. It crosses the whole continent, starts in Moscow, passes through the European Russia, crosses Urals mountains (which separate Europe and Asia), continues into Siberia's taiga and steppes, and finishes in Vladivostok — the Russian Far East coast on the Pacific Ocean.
    The Trans-Siberian is an immense route: along more than 10000 kilometers of its length you will see different landscapes, meet many different people and cultures (especially, if you hop off the train at few points), experience magnificient Siberian Baikal lake, and just enjoy the trip in the train.
    So it is possible to reach almost all the cities, situated either to the east or to the west of Novosibirsk: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Ulan-Bator, Beijing, Vladivistok and the others. Please contact us for any additional information and schedule.
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