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    Although big hotels and pensions around Novosibirsk are pre-booked for group travelers, you can always choose between the alternative accommodations, such as small pensions, small private hotels, apartments and even homestay.
    For accommodation rates and availability in other Siberian cities, please contact us and get a quick reply!
Name Single Standard Room Single Superior Room Double Standard Room Double Superior Room Delux
Zolotaya Dolina ***, Akademgorodok5278/8787 119200(not incl, 9 Euro)
Golden Lion51 937893 140(not incl, 6 Euro)
Barracuda***90 108/116112146/148157(incl)
Sosnovy Bor***99/135 176/200144185/209424(incl)
Morozovo137 197137197316(incl)
Apartament - Hotel 60-90--(not incl)
COTTAGE350 per up to 6 persons-410 per up to 10 persons--(incl)
Private apartments69 1-room + kitchen-99 2-room + kitchen120 2-room business class + kitchen144 4-rooms + kitchen(not incl)

  • All the prices are in EURO (per room, not per person).
  • Only the hotels Zolotay Dolina, Novosibirsk, River Park Ob Hotel, Sibir, Barracuda, Paris, Sosnovy Bor, Naberezhnaya, DeLuxe and Apartamanet-hotel provide registration of Russian Visa for foreign guests. If staying in other hotels, please take care about Your visa registration by yourselves.
  • Given prices are approximate and exact rates depend on Russian ruble/Euro currency rate.
  • All the hotels, except from the "Golden Lion" charge a booking fee, which is 25% from the first day rate.
  • The prices are subject to change due to the hotels policy.
  • Accommodation in other Siberian cities, such as Barnaul, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk: prices and more detailed information are available upon request.
Booking requests please send REGUEST.
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